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About Align Fitness

Our philosophy is rooted movement quality with an emphasis on regular testing and corrective exercise as an integral piece of the puzzle. Movement quality and injury prevention will always trump cool-looking exercises and workouts intended to push well beyond one’s capabilities. It’s our goal to make everyone in our community to move, feel, and perform better. 

Move: Our unique movement-based approach to fitness includes movement assessment, targeted corrective exercise, and hands-on coaching. The assessment process allows us to identify weakness, movement compensation, and asymmetries. Our process determines corrective exercises (if needed), assists in setting realistic goals, and positions us to safely challenge you. We are able to meet our clients “wherever they are” on the fitness spectrum and get them to move, feel, and perform better.

Feel: We all want to feel better in some way. Feeling better might mean getting stronger, getting out of pain, or improving overall wellness. That’s why we designed our program with enough flexibility to help all different kinds of people feel better.  Regardless of your interpretation, we know feeling better can be achieved through improved mindset, quality movement, and balanced nutrition. If there are deficiencies in any of these areas truly feeling “better” will be near impossible to achieve.

We’ll provide the guidance and tools to be successful.

Perform: Whether you are an elite athlete or have the goal of walking again after a traumatic injury or major surgery your goal is to perform better. No matter the task or goal we will help you perform better by constantly encouraging and appropriately challenging you based upon your fitness level, injury history, and movement competency.
Better: It’s personal. We’re all in need of something different. We understand and that’s why we designed our program to reflect each client’s individual definition of better. No matter your starting point and goals, we can and will make you better. Better… one movement, one set, one session at a time.
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