Serving Chester and Delaware Counties, and Northern Wilmington

Through regular testing, corrective and traditional exercise we will help you get back to 100% and beyond. 

Injury then surgery then physical therapy. Now what? Beginning an exercise program after a significant orthopedic or muscular injury (or surgery) can be scary. The knowledge of  which exercises and weight loads are safe for you can be the difference between reinjury and success. Align Fitness specializes in exercise after injury. Our coaches are specially trained in assessment and corrective exercise to help you safely reach your post-injury goals. We do so through mobility, stability, postural, and core exercises which are all safely progressed.

Our exercise after injury program is offered in a 1-1 and semi-private format. Our semi-private options for exercise after injury include Align Movement Fundamentals and Align Low Impact Training. See our semi-private training schedule here

Learn more about why so many local physical therapists refer to Align Fitness below.

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