Serving Chester and Delaware Counties, and Northern Wilmington

Achieve improved wellness and weight loss through nutrition coaching!

In-person and remote coaching options provide the flexibility you need to make sustainable changes

We educate and motive to ensure success. We'll even go shopping with you!

The Fit-and-Nutrish Program educates and guides individuals to a healthier lifestyle through sustainable dietary changes. Regular coaching and encouragement will help to hold you accountable and educate how to best utilize food to achieve maximum health and wellness. Our goal is to help you change your dietary habits by making healthier choices daily.  Our nutrition coaches will help you make these changes through nutrition education, regular and active coaching, and long-term success.

Education: Early in the nutrition counseling process, we help you build a foundation in the fundamentals of the science of nutrition. Your nutrition coach teaches you how to approach calories and food intake, and how to think through the planning and timing your meals.    You will learn:

  • How to building a balanced meal
  • Label reading
  • Triggers to food cravings and strategies to overcome them

Active Coaching: The key to making successful long-term is changing your habits and identifying strategies to support your goals. Your coach will set you up for success through regular meetings (in-person or virtual). Each phone session will include your success and shortcomings over the last few days and how to can overcome the challenges everyone faces when adopting a healthier lifestyle. Your coach will be your cheerleader, teacher, accountability partner.

Long-Term Success: Our nutrition counselors believe that developing an educational foundation in nutrition and learning how to make incremental improvements to your diet best prepare you for long-term success.  Once you have achieved initial weight loss and progressed through normal weight-maintenance, we provide a support system for maintaining your improved lifestyle for the long-term.

Program Options:

“One and Done” is one in-person 90-minute coaching session. Those who want to make minor changes to their diet and do not need further coaching or encouragement benefit the most from this option.

6-Week Private Coaching Program includes two in-person and ten remote (phone or FaceTime) coaching sessions.

12-Week Private Coaching Program includes four in-person and twenty remote (phone or FaceTime) coaching sessions.

Grocery Store Shopping Session is a 90-minute grocery store visit guided by our expert nutrition coach. You will get to see firsthand how to improve your shopping habits and strategy for improved health.

4-Week Private Coaching Fitness and Nutrition Program includes one in-person and 7 remote (phone or FaceTime) coaching sessions. This option is only offered to our fitness clients who wish to combine this service with either one-on-one or semi-private training.




Michele is passionate about fitness and nutrition as a way of life, which serves as the foundation of her coaching philosophy that both good nutrition and regular exercise help people achieve their optimal fitness and wellness goals.  Whether you are looking to lose weight,  build lean muscle, or simply clean up your diet to feel and perform better, Michele creates personalized nutrition plans to support your goals. Michele understands first-hand that habits are hard to change and that good food is meant to be enjoyed.  She focuses on positive incremental changes, no weigh-ins or food math required.

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