Serving Chester and Delaware Counties, and Northern Wilmington

Attention all athletes (and parents) who want an edge on the competition!

The Align Sports Performance Program has been design to:
  • Reduce injury risk and eliminate nagging injuries through cutting-edge testing and corrective programming
  • Improve athleticism through scientifically proven agility, speed, and power training
  • Gain muscle mass in the right places for your sport(s) with specific strength training
  • Your improved agility, speed, power, and strength will amaze your coaches and teammates!

No cookie-cutter programs here! We provide custom programming and great coaching for each athlete in every session! Our 4-1 athlete to coach ratio ensures you’ll get the individualized attention you need to maximize your results.

0Align Sports Performance Training includes:
  • Individualized corrective exercise programming to reduce injury risk
  • Flexibility and mobility training to improve movement quality
  • Speed, agility, and plyometric power training to improve explosiveness
  • Strength Training to set you apart from the competition
Our Sports Performance Program includes option for any budget. We offer:
  •  Injury Prevention Testing, injury prevention programming, and athletic program development for the athlete who wants to train independently ($99 for a 4-week program)
  • One-on-one training for the athlete who prefers to work with our coaches without other athletes ($70-75/session)
  • Semi-private training for the athlete who prefers to exercise with others and enjoys a team environment ($30-35/session)

Move. Feel. Perform. Better.

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