Serving Chester and Delaware Counties, and Northern Wilmington

Sport and Athlete Specific

Get a 4-week training program for $99

Sports-Performance Programming

Designed For The Athlete Who’s Ready To Train Independently

Our Sports Performance Program has been design to:
  • Reduce injury risk and eliminate nagging injuries through cutting-edge testing and corrective programming
  • Improve athleticism through scientifically proven agility, speed, and power training
  • Gain muscle mass in the right places for your sport(s) with specific strength training
  • Your improved agility, speed, power, and strength will amaze your coaches and teammates!

No cookie-cutter programs here! We provide custom programming based on age, sport, movement evaluation, injury history, and training history.

What You Get: 
  • Sixty-minute in-person or zoom consultation
  • One month training program based on what you need to improve for your sport
  • PDF with everything you need to be successful including exercises, sets, reps, rest periods, and links to videos for exercises

    No equipment needed! We can easily work with whatever (if any) equipment you have. 

    Move. Feel. Perform. Better.

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