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Are you scared to squat? Do you think it is going to hurt your knees? Are you fundamentals correct? Are you going too low? Do you lean forward or have your knees buckle into each other?

We can help!

At Align Fitness we can help you over come your fears of the squat and show you proper technique for a no pain squat!

Here are a few fundamentals on how to squat, and make sure there is 0 knee pain.

First is the set up: are you legs shoulder width (or a little more) apart. You may have to adjust your feet a few times till you find your body’s sweet spot. Align fitness can help you determine your foot placement with a simple technique!

Second we want to make sure our torso (hips up) are nice and tight, so we can keep our upper body nice and tall.
Third is how to get depth in you squats with out putting a lot of pressure on our lumbar (lower back) and knees. In your squat you get depth through your knees bending and extension. Unlike the deadlift where you hip hinge (hips creating space for the lift). Squats your hips are locked and should’t move at all (this is by keeping your core nice and tight). Kinda like how you would sit into a chair.
Now in your squat there will be a point where your body will not be able to maintain proper form, and you hips will rotate forward to create more room (butt winking) . To fix this just take a look in the mirror, once you see your butt (lower back )start to turn under your body stop and that will be the bottom of your squat.
Here at Align were have two fixes for two very common squatting issues. When squatting do you seem to feel like you are leaning too far forward? Holding a plate straighten out in font of you can help you keep you torso upright. Now remember you are holding this weight straight out in front of you, light weight advises (5 lb to 10 lb). Another easy fix for someone who is having issues with their knees buckling into the midline of their body. You can grab and ankle band (full circle band) and out that above your knees. This helps when you go to come up out of your squat to push your knees out to keep the band taunt.

Try this out and see how it goes!!! Please do not hesitate to reach out for more guidance!

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