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When it comes to improving clubhead speed there are MANY options. However, determining the best path is often the challenge. There are gadgets online and on infomercials that promise 50 extra yards in a few weeks. While that sounds great, they probably won’t work. We firmly believe in upgrading your body before your equipment. For the purposes of this post, we will focus on improving your physical (strength, flexibility, mobility, power) attributes rather than skill (stance, grip, posture, etc) or equipment. More specifically we’ll focus on power.

The Foundation

At Align Fitness, we address physical attributes in the following order:

1. Mobility

2. Stability (core stability) and Balance

3. Separation

4. Strength

5. Power


We have addressed 1-3 in previous posts so we won’t spend any time there even though they are the foundation needed before moving onto 4+5. Please note that we only move onto strength and power when there’s adequate mobility and core strength. Figuring out where you should start might be your greatest challenge. We suggest hiring a TPI Certified Personal Trainer to perform a golf fitness screen to determine your specific needs. Yes, we do those… just sayin’. 

If you’re serious about improving club head speed you’ll need to get stronger and then work on power.  This is the best way to decrease injury risk. When addressing strength your best bet is to keep it simple. All of our client’s programs includes some version of a deadlift (click here for our deadlift blog) and squat (click here for our squat blog). If you’re not already performing these exercises add them in ASAP. When performed correctly and consistently there’s a noticeable difference in overall strength, power, and a decreased injury risk (which is a nice bonus).  However, if you are in need of mobility, stability, or separation work more strength will not help. There’s an old saying “Flexibility without strength is dangerous, strength without flexibility is useless” -Dr. Craig Stevens.

The weight, sets, repetition range, and number of days per week you should use are very situational. Email us for free advice on how to proceed.

Once a sufficient strength has been established it’s time for the fun stuff. Power development. Please note that the explosive rotational exercises we show in this post are not for everyone. If you have a significant orthopoedic injury history these might even be a bad idea. 

Developing Power

This first group of plyometric (explosive) exercises are our top 4 for improving rotational power. 

1. 90 degree rotational broad jump

2. Loaded skater strides

3. Rotational rocket jumps

4. Golf posture rotational medicine ball throws

The next two exercises simultaneously improve power and separation (if done correctly).  The rotational punch helps to improve power when performed explosively. If you’re going to add this to your program please pay attention to the details (weight shift, pushing from your back leg, etc.)

The Golf Posture Rotational Row also improves separation and power. Once again the devil is in the details. Please note: if you’re allowing your hips to rotate you’re missing out on most of the benefits.  

How To Do This On Your Own

When adding power exercises to your program do so methodically. Don’t add all 6 exercises in tomorrow. Start small… 1-2 exercises for 1-2 sets a piece. Please remember… while power exercises have a very high upside in improving performance,  there is also a higher injury risk compared to mobility, core, or strength training. Whenever you add speed… especially with rotation there’s a high risk for injury. 

Align Fitness has personal training studios in Glen Mills and Downingtown, Pennsylvania with Titleist Certified Fitness Professionals on our team at both locations.

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