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Sports Performance Starter Package: 3 hours of training and consultation

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At Align Fitness we take a movement based approach that optimizes movement quality, speed, strength, power and reduces the risk for injury. Each athlete’s strength and conditioning program is based upon individualized assessment results. We emphasize long-term athletic development and strive to provide each athlete with the knowledge and tools needed to maximize their potential and compete at the highest level.

Each athlete begins with an in-depth consultation that includes goal setting, injury and medical history review, and performance testing. Our assessment includes:

Functional Movement Screen (Injury Prevention)
Vertical Jump Height
5-10-5 (Multi-Directional Speed)
30-Yard Sprint
Lower and Upper Body Strength
Reactive Agility and Decision Making (Blaze Pods)

First 3 Sessions

We place great value on athlete education and learning to maximize outcomes. Our process is uniquely structured to initially include one-on-one coaching, with opportunities to transition to a semi-private setting (maximum of three athletes).

In the first three sessions, athletes learn to use their core and body to move most effectively, focusing on efficient warm-ups and proper movement techniques across various exercises. This foundational training ensures athletes can progress safely in both sports and sports performance settings, minimizing the risk of injury.


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